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    So far I can only offer very minor suggestions: I tend to be something of a traditionalist in regard to hyphens; I would rather see this called Agent-Based Modeling (with a hyphen). (A "list of most wanted fugitives" might be one that lists most fugitives who are wanted; a list of most-wanted fugitive can only be a list of fugitives who are wanted most. The hyphen disambiguates with magnificent efficiency.) (This page with no hyphen would continue to exist as a redirect page.) Michael Hardy 21:51, 15 April 2007 (EDT)

    The link: "The Brookings Institution, The Road to Agent-based Models" in section "External links" did not function. The page at Brookings did not exist. I found a page which I think would the right one: Hans Husman 4 Feb 2012 (EDT)

    The following links in the same section did not either work: "Artificial Life Online at the Santa Fe Institute" Probably right one: Hans Husman 4 Feb 2012 (EDT)

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