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    Reviewer B:

    (1) I have not worked in nonlinear resonance, but am generally familiar with the PDEs discussed in the article (KdV, NLS).

    (2) Because of limited time, I can now only offer a quick impression (rather than a line-by-line review) - the paper is quite interesting and looks entirely appropriate for publication in Scholarpedia. The idea that nonlinear PDEs (and ODEs) can sustain excited oscillations is an important feature of nonlinear differential equations, and the author clearly has an established record of contributions in this area (judging from his publications).

    Reviewer A: Referee A

    The article is clearly written and gives a concise overview of autoresonance in a variety of physical systems. It would be useful to have links to all the references (either to the appropriate journal or to Friedland's website for his articles) and to any other Scholarpedia articles (for example, for NLS to

    User 3: there is a (very) small mistake

    \tau is said to go from -\infinity to -\infinity instead to +\infinity

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