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    Directeur adjoint scientifique de l’IN2P3 (Institut de Physique Nucléaire et Physique de Particules) et directeur du GANIL

    Curator and author

    Prof. Dr. Gales Sydney

    Research Director (DRCE) –CNRS (France) & “Extraordinary” Professor of Physics ,University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

    Figure 1: Sydney Gales
    • Date and Place of Birth: November 1st, 1943 at Tunis (Tunisia)
    • Citizenship: France
    • Phone +33(02)31454591
    • Fax +33(01) 44965340
    • Email:

    Education Degrees& Diplomas

    • 1968 Master degree in Physics,Orsay University (France)
    • 1970 Thesis of Speciality ,Orsay University (France)
    • 1976 PhD in Physics, Orsay University (France)

    Professional Experience: Career & Appointments held

    • 1969 Assistant Professor, Orsay University (France)
    • 1970 Research fellow at the Institute of Nuclear Physics *Orsay (IPNO) Center of National Scientific Research (CNRS, France)
    • 1970-1972 « Research Associate” Laboratory of Nuclear Physics University of Montreal (Canada).
    • 1972 Research staff member at IPNO, CNRS (France)
    • 1978-1979 Post-doctoral fellow at Michigan State University (USA)
    • 1980-1987 Principal investigator of International Collaborations and stays in the main center of Nuclear Physics around the world: MSU& IUCF (USA), JINR-Dubna(Russia), RCNP Osaka& INS Tokyo (Japan)
    • 1986-1994 Project leader of AGOR and member of the board of directors of the project. AGOR (Accelerator Groningen-ORsay) Collaboration CNRS (France)-FOM(Netherlands). Design and construction of the first European super-conducting cyclotron. Budget (without salaries) 18M€. Personnel: 50 physicists, engineers, techs
    • 1993 Director of research (“classe exceptionelle”)
    • 1992-2008 Professor « extraordinary » of Physics at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands)
    • 1995-1999 Chairman of NuPECC (NuclearPhysics European Collaboration Committee) : Expert committee of European Science Foundation (15 countries)Coordinate and impulse the collaborations and projects of Nuclear Physics and its applications within Europe.
    • Member of the OECD working group on large-scale facilities and perspectives of subatomic physics for the next century.
    • 1994-2002 Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics Orsay 450 staff members (110 physicists, 280 Eng, Tech, Admn, 60 PhD students and foreign visitors).Budget  : 6M€ ( running expenses and Investments)
    • Member Board of directors, National Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics (IN2P3/CNRS, France)
    • Member Board of directors GANIL
    • Chair of scientific council of GANIL (1998-2001)
    • Member Board of directors of the European Center for Theoretical Physics (ECT* , Trento , Italy, 1997-2000)
    • 2003 -2005 Chair of the French Scientific Council for particle ,nuclear and Astroparticles Physics (IN2P3/CNRS,FRANCE)
    • Chair of the steering committee for scientific and technical issues of the International Facility FAIR at GSI (Germany)
    • Chair of the review committee of RIKEN –RIB Facility (Japan)
    • Member of the PAC and of the Scientific advisory committee of KVI (Groningen, The Netherlands)
    • Member of the International Steering Committee of SPIRAL II at GANIL
    • Member of the Editorial Board of Physical review C (2003-2005)
    • April-Nov 2004 Chair of the national workshop and of the organizing committee “Prospective of Nuclear and High Energy Physics for the next Ten years 2005-2015 ( IN2P3-CNRS-DSM-CEA,FRANCE)
    • November 2004-to day Appointed Deputy Director at IN2P3/CNRS
    • July 1st 2005-to day Appointed Director of GANIL (Caen,France)
    • Member of IUPAP C12 Committee
    • Member of the OECD working group on NP
    • Coordinator of ERANET- NuPNET funded project under FP7 program: A European Nuclear Physics funding Agencies coordination committee
    • Member of the PAC and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of KVI *(Groningen, The Netherlands)
    • Chair of the review committee of Nishina Center for Accelerator Base science RIKEN (Japan)
    • Member of the RIKEN Advisory Committee (Japan)
    • Member of the Scientific Council of JINR Dubna (Russia)
    • Member of International Advisory Committee of the IPAN Kracow (Poland)
    • Member of International Advisory Committee for the National Laboratory of Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL--IAC),China

    Others appointments

    • Member of the editorial board of « Nuclear Instruments &Methods » (Elsevier) (1994-2002)
    • Editor of « Nuclear Physics News International » (1993-1998)
    • Referee for Physical Review & Review Letters (APS), Physics Letters & Nuclear Physics (Elsevier) 1980- to day
    • Member of many scientific advisory or review committees of major nuclear physics laboratories around the world (EUROPE, Japan, USA, Russia, Korea…)
    • Chairman and/or board member of more than 100 scientific organization committees of International Conferences, School or Workshops (1998-2008)
    • Judge in the Jury for the “International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences” (IADAS) ,Webby Awards”, New York (1999-to day)

    Honors and Awards

    • 1978 Bronze Medal CNRS (France)
    • 1995 Knight of the Queen (The Netherlands)
    • 1997 Chevalier de l’ordre national du Mérite (France)


    • More than 140 publications in scientific journals with referees
    • More than 100 invited papers and lectures in International Conferences, Workshops and schools
    • More than 100 seminars and colloquiums in institutes and Universities worldwide.
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