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    See also Frequently Asked Questions . For an introduction to Scholarpedia, see our about page.

    This is the main Scholarpedia help page.


    User help

    Help pages for registered users:

    • Help:Users -- Introductory help for new users (how can I help, can I edit a new page? ...).
    • Help:User preferences -- The preferences dialog allows you to personalize some aspects of your Scholarpedia preferences.

    Author and Curator help

    Help pages for invited authors of articles and for articles' curators:

    • Help:Getting started guide for Authors -- A visual help guide describing how to log-in, how to submit a paper, how to approve a modified version of an article (for curators) and other common actions for authors and curators.
    • Help:Authors -- Information on article writing.
    • Help:Curators -- Information on article curation and revision approval
    • Help:Author FAQ -- Authors' frequently asked questions
    • Help:Instructions for authors (Physics) -- Advanced instructions for authors (elementary actions, ScholarWiki, Latex, a few ready--to--cut--and--paste examples, editorial conventions, administrative procedure, links).
    • Help:Final publication -- How to finalize the publication, after your article has been approved and the editorial review period has completed.

    Reviewer help

    Help pages for invited reviewers of submitted pages:

    Editor help

    Contact us

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