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    Operations Management has a long tradition of scholarship and has been studied from a wide variety of perspectives. From its origins in scientific studies of factory dynamics to its application in the management of medical services and information technology, the role that Operations Management plays in connecting strategic level goals to day-to-day activities is absolutely critical. The primary aim of this reference is to serve as a robust knowledge source for the field, particularly avoiding biases in the interpretation of the field's contribution that often arise simply from methodological tradition. To do so the approach taken is to maintain a clear delineation of this field of management from related but computationally-focused fields (e.g. Industrial Engineering). As a result, the articles associated with this reference will relate most specifically to contexts of operations management practice, and research into real-world dynamics and decision making in such contexts.

    For a fundamental definition of the field of Operations Management, see our lead article on Operations Management. For more specific information on sub-topics associated with the field of Operations Management see the complete listing of articles under this category. For insights into the inter-disciplinary contributions provided by research in the field of Operations Management, see


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