Jaynes–Cummings model and quantum chaos

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Jaynes–Cummings model and quantum chaos refers to an important model of quantum optics in a regime of quantum chaos

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The Jaynes-Cummings model [1] is the cornerstone system of quantum optics describing interactions of resonator photons with an atom, considered in a two-level approximation. The usual experimental conditions correspond to a weak coupling constant between photons and atom. In this regime the quantum evolution of the system is integrable demonstrating revival energy exchange between photons and atom [1,2,3,4]. Such revival behavior had been first observed in experiments with Rydberg atoms inside a superconducting cavity [5].

At strong coupling the dynamics may become nontrivial with the emergence of classical chaos when the dynamics of oscillator is treated as classical and two-level atom as quantum [6] (see also [7]). However, for one atom even with a strong coupling to a quantum photonic field the evolution, spectrum and eigenstates are still rather simple due to a total energy balance [8],[9]. The regime of quantum chaos with the level spacing statisitcs of Random Matrix Theory appears only when several two-level atoms are interacting with the quantized photonic field of resonator as it was shown in [10].

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