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    Would you like to help make authoritative, cutting-edge science and scholarship available to all humanity? There are two ways you can help:

    Scholarpedia aims to be an authoritative, scholarly, open, and topical reference for all the world's academic knowledge. Because of the greater need for quality control in our operation, we need committed and motivated students to act as Assistant Editors. The positions are unpaid.

    Assistant Editors take on one or more of the following responsibilities:

    • facilitating the article writing process in interaction with experts of the highest caliber
    • writing non-article content, such as short 200-word biographies of Scholarpedia's authors
    • article copyediting to correct errors and improve readability
    • technical help with the operation of a MediaWiki website
    • overall improvement of article formatting, layout, style consistency
    • other Scholarpedia tasks as proposed by the Assistant Editor or by the Editor-in-Chief

    To join, send email to to join (you should be approved quite soon). Then, introducing yourself! Please send an email noting:

    • your name
    • where you are and what you're studying
    • your desired kind of contribution (from list above)
    • the weekly time commitment you are prepared to make
    • a subject area you would like to focus on
    • if possible, the name of a tenured professor who is willing to work with you to develop a new Scholarpedia category

    This last point is particularly important: it turns out that pairing together graduate students with well-connected senior researchers can lead to the starting of dozens of articles. You should feel free to search for a qualified faculty member who would be willing to inaugurate a category with you.

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