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    To reserve your article, please follow the acceptance link in the email invitation that you received from the editor-in-chief or from the corresponding editor of Scholarpedia.

    Invite a co-author

    • Ask your co-author to register and send you his/her username.
    • Log-in to Scholarpedia.
    • Go to your article (click on your name at the top-right corner, then click on the article title).
    • Once your article is displayed, press 'author' button above the article's title to access author menu. (If you do not see the 'author' button - you are not logged in or the article is not reserved for you).
    • Click 'Invite co-author' menu.
    • Type in your co-author's username.
    • Press enter.

    Your co-author will receive an email with instructions. To change the order of authors, press 'author' menu and choose the new order.

    Invite a co-curator

    To invite co-curator for an accepted article, follow the same steps as above, except that the 'author' button will appear as 'curator' button.

    Instructions for Authors

    Please, read Scholarpedia:Instructions for Authors carefully so that your article has the same style as all the other articles in Scholarpedia.

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