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    The goal of Scholarpedia is to invite today's living legends to write articles on the topics of their expertise, so that these articles are maintained by the future generation of experts, say 50 years from now. The list of such people/articles is at Scholarpedia:Authors, however, there are thousands of people who should be invited.

    Whenever possible, editors of Scholarpedia choose the original authors, i.e., those who made the discoveries and inventions, e.g., Eugene Roberts, the discoverer of GABA in the brain, was invited for GABA, Seiji Ogawa, the inventor of fMRI, was invited for fMRI, Benoit Mandelbrot, the inventor of fractals, was invited for Fractals, and so on. Identifying such "originals" requires considerable time and effort.

    There is a class of encyclopedic entries where it is obvious who the author should be - eponymous or "named articles". Indeed, John J. Hopfield should be invited for Hopfield network, Teuvo Kohonen should be invited for Kohonen network, R. FitzHugh should be invited for FitzHugh-Nagumo model, Yakov Sinai should be invited for Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy, Wilfrid Rall for Rall model, Leon Chua for Chua circuit, and so on (all these original experts have already written their articles).

    The editor-in-chief of Scholarpedia asks the help of the community to identify such "named articles".

    Criteria for named articles

    1. The author must be alive and have a valid email address.
    2. The Google search "XXX model" (or whatever the title) made with quotes (") should result in more than 250 hits. (For example, "Morris-Lecar model" results in 1300 hits, so Harold Lecar was invited (and wrote) the article. In contrast, "Izhikevich neuron" results in 144 hits, so such an entry is premature. Notice that izhikevich neuron without quotes results in 6,800 hits, so it is important to use quotes.
    3. Such an article does not exist in Scholarpedia: please check this using the search window "Title/Full text" on the top left corner of the page.

    How to submit your nomination

    Your nomination is submitted when you create a new account. If you want to submit additional nominations, please use the template below (which is read by a script)

    Number of Google hits:
    Additional info, e.g., URL of the author (optional):

    Do not change the template, just add the author info. For example,

    Title: Morris-Lecar model
    Name:  Harold Lecar
    Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley, California
    Suggested: <your username here>
    Number of Google hits: 1380
    Additional info, e.g., URL of the author (optional): 

    Email your additional nominations to

    Only "named articles" will be considered at this point. Do not send general suggestions.

    The named articles could be in any field of science, not necessarily neuroscience or dynamical systems.

    Your name will be acknowledged at the bottom of the article once the suggested author accepts Scholarpedia's invitation (see, e.g., acknowledgement of Nicolau Werneck at the bottom of Petri net; see also the list of suggested authors on Nicolau's userpage User:Nwerneck). Your Scholar Index will be increased to reflect your contribution to Scholarpedia.

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