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    Text of first call for assistant editors

    subject: is looking for graduate students to work as assistant editors

    Scholarpedia – open access encyclopedia -- attempts to partner the authority and responsibility of a printed encyclopedia with the dynamism and timeliness of a wiki. Among their responsibilities, assistant editors would have direct input on the future development of Scholarpedia and would have the opportunity to engage with article authors and curators (most often legends in their field of expertise). Assistant editors would work on a volunteer basis, but their contributions would not be expected to take more than 2-4 hours per week.

    Interested students should contact Dr. Eugene M. Izhikevich ( with a brief description of their academic context and areas of expertise. Assistant editors should be familiar with wiki environments, skilled in HTML and/or LaTeX, and possess excellent written English.

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    The existing link is broken: Complete list of present assistant editors

    This one works: Complete list of present assistant editors

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