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    This article gives a fair description of the dynamo introduced by Galloway and Proctor.I am not sure why it is called the Archontis dynamo - Archontis' contribution was to look at the nonlinear saturation and find interesting behaviour. More appropriate would be 'Archontis equilibration mechanism'!

    The strong field regime is only shown to exist when the flow is laminar. The picture of the time evolution of the energies shows that equipartition is not achieved (and presumably depends on Pm) when the flow is non-laminar. The text speaks of a switching between turbulent and laminar staes but there is no picture to support this. It would be better to have more time series than 'cigar' type pictures which are only snapshots in time. As written the text does not really explain how the strong fields depend on the flow morphology - perhaps a bit of revision would help here.

    I would like to see a bit more space given to the work of Galloway and Cameron, who have done a lot to elucidate aspects of teh dynamo structure.

    Otherwise the article seems fine.

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