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    I can't find this reference: Buzsaki and Draguhn, 2004. Not there? Michael

    I find the review clearly written and covering all major aspects. I fully recommend it for publication.

    I have only minor comments:

    The history:

    "The frequency of these oscillations was in the range of 40 Hz and thus differed from the periodic activation induced by the grating and also from the mains..." I assume that "mains" refers to the powerline artifact. If so, I suggest to replace it by "powerline artifact" or "line noise artifact", because otherwise, not all readers might understand what's meant.


    "The main effect of the oscillatory modulation of membrane potential is ..." - misses a "the" in front of "membrane potential".

    "By adjusting oscillation frequencies, phase angels ..." - should be "angles".

    "Cortical neurons are highly sensitive coincidence detectors because of a number of specific features such as frequency adaptation of synaptic release, adaptation of postsynaptic receptors and active dendritic conductances." I suggest to add to the list 1) the shortness of the synaptic potentials in vivo, 2) the inverse relation between membrane potential slope and spike threshold (Azouz and Gray).

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