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    Eugene M. Izhikevich


    The latest edit says "Neuronal bursting is an important mode of communication between neurons." I disagree with this formulation. Bursting is a behavior that a neuron exhibits. The pattern of activity may have significance for other neurons, but it may not. Therefore I don't see it primarily as a mode of communication. There are important times when burst decreases communication between neurons, such in sleep states in thalamus. It also could serve as a means to release hormones in hypothalamus. Finally, it could be a way to keep timing information and not be conveying information. ( --Pkatz 13:15, 31 December 2007 (EST)

    Paul, I get your point. However, any behavior that a neuron exhibits could be igonored by a postsynaptic cell, hence by your reasoning nothing could be claimed to be important for communication at all. Also, we do not know what importance TC bursts have during the sleep, but the bursts are the consequences of the sleep state, and not the cause of it. Also, hormones are for cumminication, hence bursts play an important communicational role there too. Timing of information is also information.

    How should I rephrase the statement to make it correct from your point of view? Izhikevich

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