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    There are some review articles of control of chaos which should be included: Shinbrot et al, Nature 2003. Schuster's handbook of chaos control 2007, and for tracking I have included Schwartz et al 97 in Chaos.

    I did not touch the HC chaos section. However, other bifurcation scenarios are just as, if not more, prominent in class B models. I included the Schwartz PRL 88, since it does a good job of showing just the saddles create and destroys chaotic attractors of all base periods.

    Author Meucci :

    The Authors acknowledge Reviewer A for his suggestions and for the corrections introduced in the manuscript. The two suggested references ( review articles) have been now indroduced.

    Author Meucci :

    The Authors acknowledge Reviewer C. We completely agree on the suggested sentence about the fact that experimental evidence was provided by observing chaotic fluctuations on the laser intensity.

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