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    Reviewer A:

    Excellent article. Only very detailed corrections and/or suggestions lited thereafter.

    1- FMD cite Feldmeier/Neff and give a reference

      Bloch-Brink cluster model. a multi-centre   (rather than An ?)

    2- last paragraph before Summary: neon isotopes studied by von Oertzen (von Oertzen 2001) The possibility ... "- summary The challenge is to demonstrate that IT is ...

    Fig 8: with a ^12C nucleus

    In references: it is a good idea to add titles to articles. Please complete them for all references (and further readings' titles).

    Bink --> BRink.

    Wiringa before Pieper.

    Furutani et al. needs to be completed

    von Oertzen, Freer and Kanada En'yo may be add their review articles publihed in Comptes Rendu of Annales de Physique.

    In Other Articles you may want to cite the usefull book entitled Nuclear Molecules of Greiner, Park and Scheid.

    Sugestion of an additional figure after Some Early Developmnts: the photo of Sir Hoyle.

    In the discussion of a Bose-Einstein condensate the THSR theory could be evoqued explicitely: Tohsaki, Horiuchi, Schuck and Roepke PRL.

    Reviewer B:

    Some suggestions, and remarks to errors. 1)The table on page 4, appears much to long, although these things are of importance they take to much room. 2) page 5: For the GCM method add names (Baye and Descouvemont and Refs.) ("A" multi-centre). Decay to 12C ground state via the 2+ state at 4.43 MeV. Fig. caption separation=separate. Use other word for Yrast, people don't know what thats is. 3)Page 6. I would rather use greek THETA for moment of inertia, as usuall. 4)Page 7:

    Fig9 captions "right" and "left" exchanged
    Fig 11. to small one cannot read the labels, may be the first two, they appear in Fig.9

    and use only the lower part(made larger).

    Fig 10. "believed"? they have ..... character...

    5) Occasional misprints like page 8 "incresing"

    6) I would think the intrinsic reflection assymetry(herzberg) should be also discussed, it is a very important feature in atomic and nuclear molecules(first used by Horiuchi 1968), and very relevant for Ne20 and Ne21 with parity doublets.

    Author :

    Many thanks to both reviewers. I have hopefully addressed all of your comments. In particular a short note about the structure of 20Ne and the consequences for molecular orbitals has been added. Fig. 11 was also modified in accordance with your suggestion. I have kept the table in the original format, as though it is long, it contains very useful information and is historically important.

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