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    This is a nice written review of numerical solution of delay differential equations written by the author who has made significant contributions to this area.

    My main criticism concerns the references. There is now monograph on this subject "Numerical Methods for Delay Differential Equations" by Alfredo Bellen and Marino Zennaro, Oxford Science Publications, Clarendon Press, Oxford 2003, which is not listed in this article. I believe this monograph should be included in the list of references.

    Another minor criticism is the format of quotatiuons. This format is not consistent and it should always include the year after the names of authors as done in most but not all cases.

    To the reviewer. Thank you very much for your comments. I've made the above changes. Please let me know if the changes are satisfactory. Thanks again.

    I already approved the changes. However, after the fact I noticed an additional inaccuracy in your paper. Namely you write that Hoppenstead and Jackiewicz (2006) consider the use of software based on implicit Runge-Kutta mathods. In fact, the sottware used in this paper was base on some class of general linear methods (diagonally implicit multistage integration methods. I hope it will be not to difficult to correct this.

    To the reviewer. The above change has been made. Thanks for catching it.

    I feel I should point out that the external links associated with "ddesd", "dde23", "ddverk", and "snddelm" are no longer valid links. Thanks for the helpful and well constructed article.

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