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    Reviewer B

    This is an excellent and authoritative article. I have one query / suggestion. You introduce the motivation for the EBHGHK mechanism in the context of the electroweak theory, which is where it finds its most celebrated application. It would be interesting to know what was in your head at the time, i.e., what physics problem influenced your thinking. I have the impression from some of the early 1960s literature [a good example is Sakurai's Ann. Phys. 11, 1 (1960)] that the quest to make the Yang-Mills theory viable as a theory of the strong interactions was one theme. Some more attention to what people were thinking about would be a nice addition to the history, even if it reflects only one participant's thinking.

    Thank you for that suggestion. It is true that we were thinking as much of strong as of weak interactions. I have added a sentence to the 'Later developments' section to emphasize this. - TK

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