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    Referee B) Few small comment:

    B1) the author should make clear from the beginning that by Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics he means the theory of Nonequilibrium Steady State situations as opposed to problems like approach to equilibrium or more genral non equilibrium behavior. This is made clear in the test but I think it should appear from the beginning.

    B2) the last paragraph in the section "Volume Contraction" is unclear to me. I think the author meant "As a rule, motion t-> ..... phase sapce, so that the time evolution ...". In any case, check it.

    B3) I think it would make the article more readable to add a brief definition of the large deviation rate \(\zeta(p)\) where it first appears inthe paragraph "Fluctuation Theorem for Hyperbolic Systems".

    Author comments

    to B1: I have added a few words at the end of the first paragraph (where the word equilibrium first appears). I have changed the title of the first section. And changed its first paragraph specifying more clearly the stationarity feature.

    to B2: I adopted the suggestion

    to B3: Probably the referee printed the file and the colors where not rendered. According to the encyclopedias usage the item "large deviations" with the definition of the zeta is referred to text written under another item. In this case it is the "Chaotic Hypothesis" item where there is a section dedicated to the definition of zeta. So I leave it as it is: but of course one could repeat what is written elsewhere if requested again.

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