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    This is an excellent and authoritative treatment of the topic. I have read it carefully and since I am not a technical expert have asked Yiyuan Tang to read it. He felt the review was appropriate and accurate. One small problem is the unusual citation style on page 7 may indicate that the authors did not complete the citation. The reference to Ungerleider and Pasternak is spelled wrong both in text and reference list. The reference to language and perception in the next line merely says (Physiolog Rev) I am not sure what reference is intended but many would be possible. Four lines down the neural basis of moral judgement refers only to Princeton, I think the reference is to a Cohen article, but am not sure. These changes would be helpful to the reader.

    I have been asked to review your excellent Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging entry for Scholarpedia.

    I have read it and I thought that it was extremely clear, well balanced and very useful.

    I had only one structural suggestion (about the last paragraph on resting-state activity). Apart from that comment all my suggestions were very minor and focused on simplifying and optimizing the grammar of the text.

    I thought it would be easier for you to check and accept any suggestions if I emailed you a Word document with my comments and suggestion entered using track changes.

    I hope you find the attached suggestions useful.

    With very best wishes,



    The current revisions are excellent: There are just two remaining typos

    There are yet more to learn ... -> There is yet more to learn ...

    Ungerleider is misspelt in the references (but correct in the text).

    With many thanks, Karl

    PS I have accepted this, under the assumption you can fix the typos easily

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