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    The article covers all the important aspects of GRB theory. It is accurate regarding both the science and the scientific history. I have only few suggestions for minor modifications.

    1. 1st parag.- I suggest mentioning that it was the isotropy of the GRB distribution, discovered by CGRO, that lead to the conclusion that the sources are cosmological.

    2. Some quantities need to be defined: t_{v,-3} and n_0. It would be better I believe to avoid the definition and usage of such abbreviations, and use instead explicit normalizations, e.g. (t_v/1ms) instead of t_{v,-3}.

    3. When quoting the typical value of Gamma, Gamma_{2.5}=Gamma/300~1 should be used rather than Gamma=300Gamma_{2.5}, which is only a definition of Gamma_{2.5}.

    4. In the 4th parag. from the end- it would be useful to explain that the "central engine" is the accreting BH.

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