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    Reviewer A

    it was indeed an easy and pleasant task to go through the clear and well written article by Iliopoulos . It says all you may want to know about the GIM mechanism, quotations are correct and fair. Chapeau!

    Reviewer B

    This is an excellent account of the GIM mechanism, in historical context. Most of my comments are typographical.

    In the Table of Elementary Particles, I suggest placing the neutrino before the charged lepton in each pair, so the order corresponds to weak isospin +1/2, -1/2, as for the quarks.

    In item (iii) below the Table, sens --> sense.

    In the section, G.I.M. Mechanism, F.C.N.C. is not defined. I suggest substituting flavour-changing neutral current (F.C.N.C.)

    Also in this section, only the heading is G.I.M., elsewhere GIM is used. I suggest adopting GIM everywhere. (I would also write FCNC instead of F.C.N.C., everywhere.)

    In the paragraph beginning "Let me open a parenthesis," Segrè is consistently misspelled as Segré; the (Italian) grave accent should replace the (French) acute. This persists in the bibliography.

    Finally, I have one suggestion for an addition. The GIM insight that quarks should come in complete weak-isospin doublets to avoid FCNC set the stage for recognizing that matched doublets of quarks and leptons not only display a superficial symmetry, but are crucial to anomaly cancellation and thus to the renormalizability of the electroweak theory. A brief addition about the Bouchiat-Iliopoulos-Meyer paper (and perhaps also the works by Gross & Jackiw and Georgi & Glashow) would help tie different threads together.

    I changed "tight" to "tie" in the third line of the final section.

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