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    Reviewer A

    1. Introduction:

      (the variable is ignorable     change by
      (the variable is ignorable)

    2. Introduction, next paragraph

      Not sure that the term "eigenvalue of a trajectory"
      is standard.

    3. the same paragraph:

      ... center ... saddle ...
      There are also two degenerate cases.

    4. next paragraph:

       then they must lie on n-dimensional tori
           change by
       then almost all of them must lie ...

    5. N-body problem

       V(...) = \sum ...
           change by
       V(...) = - \sum ...

    6. N-body problem

       H(...) =  ... + Gm_1 m_2 / ||q||
           change by
       H(...) =  ... - Gm_1 m_2 / ||q||

    7. Electromagnetic forces.

       electrogmagetic  change by  electromagnetic

    8. Geometric structure.

       More abtractly   change by  More abstractly

    9. Symplectic maps

       Another why    change by   Another way
       Lie Algebra    change by   Lie algebra

    10. Action-angle variables

       Thus is it is   change by   Thus it is

    11. Liouville integrability

       is a simple as    change by   is as simple as

    12. KAM Theory

       approaches one   change by something like
       approaches total measure

    Thanks. I've put your suggestions into the article

    Jim Meiss


    Please , can you add to your "see also" the article of Alain Chenciner : three body problem ? Thank you. And we will try to unify notations !

    --Guerinsylvie 05:10, 27 August 2007 (EDT)


    Jim Meiss

    User 4:

    In equation (12) what is the variable "x"?

    Thanks. Fixed

    Jim Meiss

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