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    Reviewer A

    A nice article. My comments are not major. The minor ones are quite minor and I've corrected the super minor and obvious ones in the article already.

    - in 4th paragraph of "computational consequences" section and figure, reference is to both Dest.& Rud.2003 and Rud.& Dest.2003 - it might be a good idea to mention the importance of whether the dendrites are active or passive in this particular described consequence of this paragraph, and especially since the wording "dendritic spike" is used.

    - the statement "Finally, models predict that the high-conductance states implies voltage attenuation (as seen above)" is not clear to me. The "as seen above" part shows that static conductance (increased leak) gives more attenuation - maybe some clarification can be provided?


    - Figure numbering is in double.

    - use english for "losanges"

    - "Using TTX microdialysis enables to keep the same neuron recorded during active states and after complete suppression of network activity, thereby revealing its resting state." - not a sentence, insert "us" after enables?

    - (Destexhe and Rudolph, 2003)??

    Answer to Reviewer A

    Many thanks for your time to do this review, and the helpful comments. I have followed them all.

    Reviewer B

    Nice article. I have a few (minor) suggestions.

    1) second paragraph of "Experimental evidence for high-conductance states", first sentence: I think the "a" after "follow" should be removed.

    2) 4th paragraph of "Computational consequences of high-conductance states", 3rd to last sentence: "gives the spike probability of synaptic inputs <and> is necessarily less dependent on location" - insert the indicated "and"?

    Answer to Reviewer B

    Many thanks for the comments - the changes were done as suggested.

    Reviewer C

    my comments are inserted within square brackets. please search throughout.

    Answer to Reviewer C

    The clarifications were done as suggested - thank you for the useful suggestions.

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