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    Editor notes:

    it may be useful for a reader to add the following information:

    - section on classical model:

     note that the classical kicked Harper at K=L appears in the Zaslavsky web map at periods ratio 4;
     (classical case was discussed in Zaslavsky G. M., Zakharov M. Yu., Sagdeev R. Z., Usikov D. A., 
     and Chernikov A. A. (1986) Stochastic web and diffusion of particles in magnetic field. 
      Sov. Phys. JETP 64:294-303), add link to Scholarpedia article "Zaslavsky web map";
     note that the measure of chaos remains proportional to K=L -->0 since KAM is not valid

    - to note that K,L -->0 one has the Harper Hamiltonian with integrable dynamics (with Ref. to Harper)

    - may be useful to add section "related models":

      quantum kicked oscillator studied by I.Dana, and work of
       G. A. Kells, J. Twamley, and D. M. Heffernan Phys. Rev. E 70, 015203 (2004)
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