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    Reviewer 1

    Dr Politi make a nice, comprehensible, and concise review of Lyapunov exponents in application to dynamical system studies.

    My only suggestion is to add a section describing (briefly, but with references to other scholarpedia articles or other sources) other application of this concept - in the theory of stochastic processes, in statistical physics (transfer matrix approach), etc.

    - A Pikovsky

    Following the advice of the reviewer, I have made the following modifications:

    1) I introduce the Lyapunov exponents directly with reference to

      the linear evolution and mention that they can arise in generic
      contexts such as linear stochastic differential equations.
      Reference to deterministic dynamical systems follows.

    2) I have added a final section, where a few applications are

      briefly discussed (localization and advection, besides
      mentioning synchronization).

    3) I have added specific references about the above mentioned

      subjects plus some suitable internal references that are
      separately listed in the end.

    Antonio Politi

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