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    Reviewer 1

    I believe this is an excellent summary of current status of LTP maintenance theories. My concerns are mostly clarity of the writing and so I rephrased part of your original article. In addition, I think following revisions may be helpful.

    1. Francis Crick’s essay in Nature is quite important and a brief description of his idea will be helpful. (Since there is no “edit” option on the web for your introductory section, I added my revision/suggestions on the web under the title of “Introduction”). Also, pre-synaptic release probability issue can be eliminated and it is a potentially complicated issue.

    2. Experimental Background section was somewhat redundant and I tried to make it short. I also changed the last paragraph of LTP/LTD section.

    3. Fig. 1b is unclear and you may want to revise it. I also made some corrections on the description of CaMKII biochemistry. I assume that the reader/audience of this article may not be familiar with bifurcation analysis, so I tried to explain the mechanistic principle of “bi-stable switch” as plain as possible and in a slightly different manner (hope it is useful to you). Also we may not need to tell reader Fig. 1a is monostable. Also I would like to suggest to delete some of your citation to experimental work (and your comment to it) from this section.

    4. For the rest of article, the revision I suggested is mostly for clarity, although occasionally I added new sentences to your original version.

    Reviewer 2

    Generally well organized. I agree with the edits of the first reviewer, and recommend that the added "Introduction" section me moved to the first part of the article (which can only be done by Shouval, the reviewers do not have access).

    I made some small changes to the grammar, formatting, and inserted a link to Lisman's lab for external. I believe there should be more external links, so point the uninitiated reader to places where they can follow the logic in more detail. Also, the first part of the L-LTP/L-LTD section seems to have no citations. It would be good to have cites to the literature there too.

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