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    UPDATE 02/25/2013

    I very much like this version of this article. It is well written, contains large parts of the most relevant literature and the structure is very clear. I have only a few minor suggestions:

    In the section "Models of visual functions", a few relevant papers are not yet mentioned or discussed. These include VisNet (Rolls), Hierarchical versions of normative approaches (SFA (Wiskott), Slowness (König)), Convolutional Neural Networks (LeCun), and the hierarchical informative fragments approach (Ullman).

    Details: - A few of the links to the given references do not work. For instance, Serre, & Poggio (2010) is missing in the references - The text contains "Figure ??? shows the HMAX model originally proposed by Riesenhuber & Poggio (1999) and later extended by Serre et al (2007)."

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