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    <review>message to curators</review> The article is in general well-written and a useful introduction to the topic. It would be nice to include some related areas, such as traveling waves in the DNLS equation, and quantum NLS and DNLS. But I don't have time just now to add anything in this area.

    I have a number of small and rather selfish suggestions. First, in the vector (coupled) DNLS case, it might be worth mentioning our paper J C Eilbeck, P S Lomdahl, and A C Scott, Phys. Rev. B, 30, 4703-4712 (1984), which carried out an extensive study (using path-following) of a coupled DNLS system arising in a study of crystalline acetanilide. Second, in the DNLS discussion, I would argue that our paper J C Eilbeck, P S Lomdahl, and A C Scott, Physica D: 16, 318-338 (1985) was the first to point out the universal nature of the discrete NLS equation, and reported a number of important results and applications, especially for periodic solutions with small periods.

    At a more mundane level, Turitsyn's name should be spelt correctly at the end of the Vector (1+1)-dimensional systems section. My initials should be corrected in the Eilbeck & Johansson reference, and a more accurate citation for this is `Proceedings of the Third Conference ``Localization and Energy Transfer in Nonlinear Systems, eds L. V\'azquez, R. S. MacKay, M. P. Zorzano, World Scientific, Singapore, 44--67, 2003', also arXiv:nlin/0211049v1.

    User 4 (User:): Schrödinger

    Schrödinger is spelled with an umlaut. If you would like, I could update the spelling, rename the article, and add a "redirect" so that searches using either spelling properly link to the article.

    The o-umluat character (ö) can be typed on an American keyboard by holding down the Alt key while typing "148" on the numeric keypad.

    Norbeck 16:03, 25 February 2011 (CST)
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