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    I have one more concern about this entry (Numerical Analysis).

    I don't see the purpose of the second section ('Development of numerical methods'). More detail would be desirable on the 'Numerical Linear Algebra' part; the part on 'Numerical solutions of systems of non-linear equations' mentions Newton's method twice (single and multi-variable), but does not contain much substance, while the methods for differential and integral equations take up quite a bit of space, which makes the Scholarpedia entry lopsided.

    My suggestion would be to expand the entries under 'Areas of Numerical Analysis', and omit the second part entirely. For example, the 'Numerical Linear Algebra' part should mention matrix factorizations, pre-conditioning, sparse matrix methods. Under 'Optimization' gradient and trust region methods could be mentioned - the simplex method could be mentioned in commection with linear programming. Portions of the current section 2.3 could be incorporated into 1.3.

    I really liked the part about the common concerns.

    Reviewer A: This is such a broad topic that experts might write very different articles. Accordingly, I provided only general suggestions to the author. On the other hand, there were a lot of them, so I communicated directly with the author. This revision has accomodated my suggestions and I am happy with it. I have noted a few typos.

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