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    KA's Address should not contain the postal code (or the correct one)

    Boost.odeint is unknown, remove boost or so. Before, it is only odeint. Maybe change the intro of boost to above.

    Currently could be replaced by "in version xxx", then it is more clear for later readers

    In general, the intro is VERY programming-oriented, I understand that it is in the DS section?

    == Features ==

    Very descriptive, not very explanatory. But OK, could be a bit more detailed in what regards the use for DS and its use for ODE integration

    REst is similar. The library section is OK in detail

    All in all the article is very descriptive and not so much explanatory, which should be the focus in scholarpedia. BUT: I cannot see how to improve. I think on an average student, which will need a lot of background to understand what the article is talking about. Usual problem with interdisciplinary work.

    I personally like it.


    We thank Dr. Abel for the valuable feedback of the library. Following the given suggestions we have made the following changes:

    1. Slightly expanded and restructured the Introduction to provide a connection to scientific areas where ODEs appear most often.

    2. Renamed Boost.odeint to odeint throughout the text.

    3. Removed "currently" in all occasions. The article now represents the current status of the library. Upon major changes in odeint, the article will be updated.

    As for the concern of the article being too descriptive rather than explanatory we believe that this is not contradicting the aim of a scholarpedia article. In our opinion, the purpose of this scholarpedia entry is to give a description of the odeint library, i.e. its use-cases, abilities, features and design, and we don't believe that further explanations are necessary in this article. Therefore, we don't make further adjustments to the article along this line.

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