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    Dick Field's short entry on the Oregonator is compact, accurate and well balanced. I recommend it for acceptance in Sholarpedia. I have only two suggestions for improvement:

    1) The article should include a figure that plots the two-parameter bifurcation diagram ( f vs k_c ). The wordy description of the figure is not effective.

    2) In regard to Eqns 4-5-6, the article should reference Tyson's chapter in Field & Burger. That chapter is still a definitive work on modeling oscillations, bistability and traveling waves in the BZ reaction. Scaling the equations and estimating the rate constants is described in detail there.

    Reviewer B

    It is a good and concise article that covers the highlights of the topic. I join with the first reviewer that a plot of the bifurcation diagram on the f-kc parametrs will be clarify better the wording.

    I also think that giving also the Field-Noyes scaling (i.e. x scaling) and comparing it with the Tyson scaling will add nicely to the general picture.

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