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    This is a great article by a master of the field; it will be a credit to Scholarpedia. I just found a few things that could be improved:

     (1) The equations should be numbered.
     (2) It might be worthwhile for the author to mention that his metric is timelike.
     (3) At the top of page 4, it might be good to mention that \vec{\tau} = \frac12 \vec{\sigma}.
     (4) On page 5 there is a sign error, either with the definition of the Ricci tensor or with the Hilbert term in the action.
     (5) On page 6 it might be good to mention that the result was derived using dimensional regularization in d spacetime dimensions.
     (6) Near the bottom of page 6 the argument of the logarithm should be parenthesized.
     (7) On the penultimate sentence of page 6 the word ``the should be inserted before ``remaining aspects
     (8) On page 7, in the section on low energy theorems, it might be good to cite Weinberg, PRD 134 (194) B882.
     (9) On page 7, 2nd line of potentials, change ``with involve to ``will involve
    (10) On page 8, it might be good to identify \epsilon = 2 -d/2
    (11) On page 11, the paper by Espriu, Multamaki and Vagenas makes the author's point about the need for care in interpolating the d'Alembertian. The authors made a reasonable guess but it can be checked by comparing against an explicit computation in de Sitter background, and the guess is seen to be wrong.
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