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    reviewer A's report

    p.3 : maybe "nonvacuum" is a too Math-Phys term and it can be made more clear by adding at least "$\bar N(\bar s)>0$" (or even better define explicitly in words something like the "nonvacuum as a configuration containing at leat one molecule"

    p, 4 : a drawing of the 16 prototiles (Ammann's) example would help (?)

    p.4 last line: which we ignore: you mean which for simplicity we shall not consider here ? if I read the sentence the first meaning that occurs to me is instead that you talk about "unknown difficulties": which seem to be instead "well known" (and you even quote where to look for them)

    p.5 ....full phase. Consider... To me it took some thought to understand the connection between the two parts of the paragraph. Maybe it would help to make more explicit that the second part (Consider ...) is a detailed explanation of the first part

    p.5 "This was introduced .." : you mean the model? or a proof? or both? maybe it would be clearer to saya few more words of text: I understand that this is a theorem, by you)

    BUT all this is optional.

    second report by reviewer A

    The A. has taken carefully into account the above comments and optional suggestions: the paper is ready

    Reviewer B: Title

    The title of the article should be changed from the misleading "Quasicrystals: unusual molecular structure" to the much better "Quasicrystals: Solids with Unusual Symmetry". This should be the new name of the entry, not just in the text. Other than this, the article is ready to be published.

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