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    - OK, I agree with the acknowledge you propose to add in the bibliography. - I regret to remove the reference García-López et al.(2010) of where you've placed. If the paper has been useful to you, move that reference to another place. The reason to remove it in that context is because the Legacy is not being inventoried. There is already a good inventory, led by me several years ago, and of course, it has not been done by Dr. Freire. On the other hand, I do not want to see this reference pointing to the Cajal preparations, because years ago, we had a serious problem with Dr. Freire and his student Pablo García-López, who made a bad use of the Cajal preparations with the result of important damage in some of them, which required restoration. In fact, I was the person who carried out the restoration. - The rest is OK.

    TO REVIEWER A (Dr. De Carlos)

    Thank you for reviewing thoroughly this article. There are only 2 minor points to address, I accepted all your other edits.

    - I removed the following sentence regarding the founding of the Instituto Cajal "This initiative was strongly supported by The President of the Goverment and the Ministries of Economy, Agriculture and Public Works" because I felt it was too much information. The interested reader could follow the 2 links included in the article to the Institute's webpage where the history of the Institute is covered in some detail.

    - this part is a bit confusing: "In 1920, on the recommendation of the Minister of Education and Culture, the King Alfonso XIII signed a Royal Decree (February 20th) by which an Institute for Biological Research was to be created that should bear the name "Cajal Institute", being its first director Cajal. The construction of the building began in 1922, but after a series of setbacks and many problems, it was finally terminated and inaugurated in 1932. This new Institute was renamed to honor the memory of its founder (Instituto Cajal, Madrid)."

    It is unclear to me when the decision to name the institute in Cajal's honor was made. Perhaps you could rephrase.

    Finally, your corrections in the bibliography are greatly appreciated. With your permission, I'd like to acknowledge your contribution in the following way. Currently, the bibliography starts with "This bibliography was adapted from the one included in Cajal's Recollections." I propose to rephrase: "This bibliography was adapted from the one included in Cajal's Recollections, and corrected by J. de Carlos (Instituto Cajal)." or something similar.

    TO REVIEWER B (Dr. Freire)

    Thank you for the several precisions you added throughout the article. I kept all of your edits.

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