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    Review A: Report on the Scholarpedia article: Scaling Laws by B. Widom

    In this article the author gives an excellent introduction to the notion of scaling laws in thermodynamics and statistical physics. After recalling a few basic properties of homogeneous functions, he discusses and heuristically derives the scaling and hyperscaling relations between the critical exponents of various thermodynamic functions; finally, in the context of the Ising model close to criticality, he discusses the origin of these scaling relations in terms of the Kadanoff's block spin picture.

    I recommend publication of this article on Scholarpedia. As a minor comment, I believe that the reference to Eq.(13) in the line preceding Eq.(14), should be changed into a reference to Eq.(12).

    Review B: This is a brief and very informative article introducing the scaling relations at the critical point. The main critical exponents are introduced and their relations are introduced and discussed; the explanation via the renormalization group is presented providing also an introduction to the basic ideas of the method.

    An excellent article that can certainly be published "as is".

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