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    This very solid article is exceptionally well written by the person who developed and perfected this device.

    This article is very well written and contains a wealth of useful information. I have only a few minor comments:

    1) Introduction: “… two important applications areas” – should this be “application areas”? 2) Introduction: “… stereotaxically convergent micromanipulator pair” – I suggest adding “prior to penetration” after this. 3) Introduction: “… discussing how this might be achieved” – why not “…discussing how this is achieved” instead, since the technique is well established? 4) Introduction: “… two ways that a voltage clamp can or might be achieved” – I suggest simplifying to “… two ways that a voltage clamp can be achieved”. 5) Introduction: “This technique is called whole-cell patch clamp…” – it was my understanding that “patch clamp” (as opposed to sharp electrode recording) specifies the type of electrode used to contact a cell, but does not necessarily refer to voltage clamping alone, since a patch electrode can also be used in current clamp or dynamic clamp mode. 6) Switching Frequency: “… adequate time allowed for Vms to decay” – ms should be formatted to subscript to be consistent. 7) Clamping the Electrode: This paragraph contains several instances of Vm and Ve and Vms that are not formatted with subscripts.

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