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    this is an outstanding review of spike wave oscillations. i have only a few minor comments.

    Reference to figure 1 should be the original not a review. When mentioning cats treated with penicillin please add citation to the work of David Prince who invented the model. What is the reference for cats with bicuculline developing spike-wave similar to humans? In the predictions of the models, where the GABAB responses detected both in thalamus and cortex? Please state clearly.


    (1) for the question about the original reference for the EEG recording of Fig 1, it is a recording that I did myself during my thesis - the only ref is Destexhe 1992; I added more details in the caption.

    (2) about who showed the similarity of cat and human spike-wave, the last figure shows this similarity; the cat data is from Contreras and Steriade; the human data is from Destexhe, 1992. I also added more details in the caption of that figure.

    The other changes were made as suggested (cite Prince & Farrell; clarify if GABAb was found in thalamus and cortex)

    thank you for the review - AD.

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