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    I find this article difficult. It attempts to provide conceptual underpinnings of spike trains as point processes---a worthy goal, but in my opinion a goal that is too narrow for an article with the title "Spike train [sic] and point processes" [should be "Spike trains" I think].

    I think the article should be made considerably shorter, and then additional material should be included covering (1) key mathematical ideas and (2) main points concerning applications. I would, in particular, emphasize the marginal and conditional intensity functions.

    If helpful I could provide further suggestions, but two accessible articles on this subject are a short overview by Eden for an SFN workshop:

    and the review by Kass, Ventura and Brown:

    • I agree with above comments. I was very confused and couldn't understand much, although I have been working with spike trains and point processes for years. The article lacks the stochastic process aspect. --Il Park 21:23, 24 October 2011 (UTC)
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