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    Hello Dr. Yael Zilbershtain-Kra, Dr. Amos Arieli, and Prof. Ehud Ahissar,

    This article seems to me excellent. There is just one point which, in my view, should be a little more developed. This is the point about "touch-hearing SenSub" which is unclear.

    Charles Lenay

    Author reply: Thank you! Hearing, however, is beyond the scope of this specific article, which focuses on (see title): Tactile substitution for vision.


    since Scholarpedia is defined as encyclopedia and no an article - i think you should avoid any use of personal statements and terminology - e.g. "We term such devices, in which the sensor and actuator are attached to the same organ and sensations are generated only via sensor motion, Active SenSub (ASenSub) devices. "

    Avi Saig

    author reply: Thank you! this was corrected.

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