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    Anatomy requires explanation on a more broader scale

    The anatomy section requires more explanation in the sense that on reading the first paragraph, the reader can picturise the structure of thalamus.

    backwards arrow

    I think one of the red arrows is backwards?

    Typo in Figure 3C?

    I think the legend in Figure 3C is mislabeled -- the green is burst and red is tonic.

    Expanded lead

    I just made a small edit (awaiting approval) to expand the lead of the article. I would be interested in adding more material if it can be done in an efficient way. One thing that I think would benefit the article is an "overview" section at the top discussing the diversity of thalamic nuclei and their relationships with one another and with the rest of the brain. If anybody is watching this page, please let me know if that would be, at least in principle, workable. Regards, William Skaggs 16:36, 24 July 2013 (UTC)

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    Focal areas