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    I read through the review, overall the information is there and complete.

    I have some minor comments: Would it be good to include more figures to describe the CRE typical studies, including neural mechanisms?  Also, it is better to add a paragraph for 'Conclusion'.

    As i read through, i believe this schorpedia page would be better if with some words' editing work. I cite some examples below: 1 Under headline - 'Discovery of the Cutaneous Rabbit Effect'---'extended' the effect, would it be good to insert 'scope' or relevant word after 'extended'? 2 -Stimulus properties, you listed 'Time',Distance','Intensity', it would be good to add more blanks, or made the three items italic, so that to make the sentences easily read 3- Reporting method: here you mentioned 'Pointing', do you have relevant reference(s), I'll recommend to add. 4- Models of Sensory saltation:--'Therefore further touch studies', normally we say 'tactile studies'. 5- Neural processing of spatiotemporal studies--here the last paragraph, 'interesting' should be 'interestingly' While i check relevant literature, the following two papers might be of your interest, but i leave them to the authors, whether to include relevant points or not:

    Asai T, Kanayama N. “Cutaneous Rabbit” Hops Toward a Light: Unimodal and Cross-Modal Causality on the Skin. Frontiers in Psychology. 2012;3:427. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00427. Mounia Ziat ; Roope Raisamo (2017) The cutaneous-rabbit illusion: What if it is not a Rabbit? World Haptic Conference

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