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    Reviewer A

    General comments

    The article gives a good overview of the structure, organization and history of GANIL and indicates the major science subjects where GANIL has contributed and contributes. It includes a thorough account of the SPIRAL2 project: its science aims, the infrastructure to be constructed and the organization.

    Possible ambiguities, questions to content

    • The date of the status of European Large Scale Facility is quoted as 1993 in the text in the first section, but 1995 in the list later the same section.
    • In the subsection "The Science Pillars of GANIL" there is a possible ambiguity in the halo-part. The experiment that started the field of halo physics was published in 1985, so in a sense the halo was discovered in 1985 whereas the nuclei 6He, 11Li and 11Be having halos were known much earlier.
    • Section 3.1, towards the end, in discussion of "NEUTRON Detector" mentions neutron-deficient nuclei explicitly. Maybe neutron-rich nuclei instead (or on top) ?
    • Section 3.2, around the middle says "After being selected in the ESFRI List(5)". Is "(5)" a missing reference ?

    Possible misprints etc

    • Section 2, 5th sentence "..of the accelerators are as well as a review.."
    • Section 2, following sentence "Plans for future plans.."
    • Section 2, at the end, last sentence in subsection "Charge breeding for SPIRAL1": "Such a solution due its.."
    • Please re-read the paragraph "SPIRAL2 has also remarkable potential.." in section 3 directly following the bullet list. Some phrasings may be improved.
    • Section 3.1, first paragraph: the first building out of the 5 mentioned is not in the bullet list.
    • Section 3.1, subsubsection "The SPIRAL2 LINAC": "The first 12 accelerate contain cavities..", "containing" in the following sentence should be "contain".

    Reviewer B:

    This article is an overview of the GANIL-SPIRAL facility and its evolution through the last three decades. It contains a very comprehensive description of the scientific and economical impact of the facility. The volution of the facility towards a larger european scale is also described through the SPIRAL2 project. This is a well written and complete article for which I have no major comments or criticism

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