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    Thanks a lot for your effort in reviewing this article! I modified it according to your suggestions.


    This article is a very nice summary of the reseach goals of the PANDA experiment at FAIR and gives a nice overview of the relevant PANDA detector components.

    A few suggestions to improve the article:

    • Perhaps a very short list should be presented with links to the other future FAIR experiments. This will help understand the overall magnitude of FAIR.
    • In the section "Accelerator and Storage Ring", it would be nice to have more labels in Figure 2 that also appear in the text. For example, where is the SIS-18 located and where is the copper target discussed in the article? On the other hand, many labels in the figure do not appear in the text and render it somewhat difficult to understand the complex structure of the FAIR accelerator complex.
    • In the section "Target System", it is discussed that different physics problems require different target systems. Perhaps a few sentences in the subsequent description of the two target designs under discussion can help clarify what the different physics aspects are that can be addressed.
    • In "Electromagnetic Calorimetry": What does it mean to allow a pion/electron discrimination of "103" for momenta above ...?
    • In "Research Goals": A few sentences should be added to explain what "exotic states" of hadronic matter are to give the reader a flavor of the field before reading the following section.
    • Since the article says that a few exotic states have been observed, a few references should be given.

    Language suggestions:

    • The FAIR accelerator project at GSI will(!) (not should) increase the intensity ...
    • One of the four major scientific pillars of FAIR will be the(!) physics with anti-protons.
    • The references to the figures should be (Fig. X) instead of just (X).
    • To provide measurement of charged particle trajectories ("Tracking System") --> To measure charged-particle trajectories ...
    • In "Central Tracking Detector": ... a time projection chamber (TPC) and(!) a straw-tube tracking system (STT).
    • The numbers in X0 and PbWO4 should be subscripts.
    • The CMS Collaboration at CERN needs a link or a reference.
    • In "Time of Flight System": ... achieve low-energy thresholds(!) and later mechanically(!) combined
    • In "Hadronic Spectroscopy and Exotic Hadrons": These gluonic hadrons fall --> The(!) gluonic hadrons ... otherwise, it also refers to the multi-quark states in the previous sentence, which do not exhibit gluonic excitations.
    • While(!) the X(3872) ...
    • In "Hadrons in Matter": The study ... aims at understanding
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