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    This article reviews biomimmetic tactile systems in robotics, and leads the reader to appreciate the benefits of investigating whiskered robots. The rationale spans the direct expected benefits (when vision is useless or as complementary to vision), and the mutual-benefits of Robotics/Neuroscience when trying to mimic biological tactile sensing with artificial systems.

    This topic and insight are of interest to Scholarpedia readers, the subject is well presented, and the state of the art adequately provided.

    Note that the title may be modified to clearly reflect that this article has a motivational aspect (i.e., why should researchers opt to work in this robotics/biomimmetic field). Hence, I suggest a more suitable title, for example:

    "Whiskered robots research and its benefits" or 
    "Biomimmetic tactile sensing: mutual benefits for Robotics and Neuroscience" or
    "Biomimmetic whiskered robots: robotics and Neuroscience meet" etc.

    Specific comments:

    1. Correct "Russel" to "Russell" (2 Ls at the end of word) in several places.

    2. Some reference quotes do not include volume numbers, e.g., first reference misses 6(4).

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