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    Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, USA

    Dr. Fernando F. Grinstein, Scientist, 2005 - present, X-Computational Physics Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, MS-F664, (505) 665-2409, E-Mail: fgrinstein@lanl.gov

    Fernando Grinstein has been particularly interested in issues of Large Eddy Simulation, turbulent mixing and combustion, computational aeroacoustics, and urban scale flow simulations. His work on the validation and formalization of the Implicit LES (ILES) approach, has had a solid impact in the flow simulation community. He has taught numerous professional development courses on the subject and has taken the lead to integrate the efforts of the worldwide pioneers of the ILES technique in workshops and special meetings and in the first comprehensive description of the methodology collected in "Implicit LES: Computing Turbulent Flow Dynamics", Cambridge UP, 2007, 2nd printing 2010.

    Previous Positions

    US Naval Research Laboratory - DC, Research Physicist, 1983-2005 Orson Anderson Distinguished Visiting Scholar, IGPP-LANL, 2003-04 International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, 1981, Guest Scientist Federal Fluminense University, RJ, Brazil, 1978-81, Associate Professor of Physics Institute for Theoretical Physics, SP, Brazil,1977-78, Visiting Professor of Physics


    Princeton University, 1981-83, Postdoctoral Senior Research Associate; University of Cuyo, Balseiro Institute of Physics, Bariloche, Argentina; Doctor in Physics (1976); Licentiate in Physics (1972).

    Honors and Awards

    Fellow, APS, 2011; Associate Fellow, AIAA, 1992; NRL Alan Berman Research Publication Awards, 1990, 1992, 2001, 2007; Civil Service Superior and Outstanding Performance Ratings, NRL


    Chair, AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Orlando, January 4-7, 2010; Chair, AIAA Fluid Dynamics Technical Committee, 2003-05; Founder & Chair, AIAA FD TC Technical Workgroup on LES, 2003-04; Mini-symposia Co-Chair, Progress on ILES, SIAM-CSE, San Diego, Feb. 2003; General Chair, AIAA Co-Located Summer Fluids Conferences; Anaheim, June 2001; Program Chair, 29th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference, Albuquerque, June 1998.


    Associate Editor, ASME JFE, 2002-07; AIAA Journal, Guest Editor, March 2004, March-April 2006; "Implicit LES: Computing Turbulent Fluid Dynamics", Cambridge UP, 2007.

    Recent Post-Graduate Teaching (Professional Development Courses on LES)

    AIAA: January 2003, June 2004, January 2006, January 2008; Cambridge University, UK: July 2005, July 2007; Cranfield University, UK, November 2006, May 2009.

    Recent Research Grants

    LDRD-ER on “LES Modeling for Predicitive Mixing”, FY10-12 (PI: F.F. Grinstein); LDRD-DR on “Turbulence by Design”, FY09-11 (PI: M. Andrews).

    Other Research Grants

    ONR: BAA on Emissions in Swirl Stabilized Combustors, FY03-05; ONR: Swirl Stabilized Flows, FY99-02; AFOSR: Vortex Dynamics & Aero-acoustics of Rectangular Jets, FY98-99; ONR: Countercurrent Supersonic Rectangular Jets, FY96-99; ONR: Turbulent Rectangular Jets, FY93-96; Turb. Mixing Layer & Jet Flows, FY87-93

    Selected Publications

    Grinstein, F.F, “On Integrating LES and Laboratory Turbulent Flow Experiments”, by invitation, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A, 367, no. 1899, 2931-45 (2009).

    Grinstein, F.F., Bos, R., and Dey, T., “LES based Urban Dispersal Predictions for Consequence Management”, by invitation, ERCOFTAC Bulletin, 78, 11-14 (2009).

    Grinstein, F.F, Margolin, L.G., Rider, W.J., Editors, “Implicit Large Eddy Simulation: Computing Turbulent Fluid Dynamics”, Cambridge UP, 2007, 2nd printing 2010.

    D. Drikakis, C. Fureby, F.F. Grinstein, and D. Youngs, “Simulation of Transition and Turbulence Decay in the Taylor-Green Vortex,” Journal of Turbulence, 8, 020 (2007).

    Patnaik, G., Boris, J.P., Young, T.R., Grinstein, F.F., "Large Scale Urban Contaminant Transport Simulations with MILES", J. Fluids Engineering, 129, 1524-32, 2007.

    Grinstein, F.F., “Vortex Dynamics and Entrainment in Rectangular Free Jets,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 437 (2001): 69-101.

    Grinstein, F. F., and K. Kailasanath. “Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulations of Unsteady Reactive Square Jets”. Combustion and Flame 100 (1995): 2-10.

    Grinstein, F.F., E. S. Oran, and J. P. Boris, “Reinitiation and Feedback in Global Instabilities of Spatially Developing Mixing Layers,” Physical Review Letters 64 (1990): 870-73.

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