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    Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

    Curator and author

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    Tamás Freund (b. June 14, 1959, Zirc, Hungary) graduated in Biology in 1983 and obtained his PhD in 1984 from the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Following research fellowships at the MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit, University of Oxford and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, he was awarded the degree of ‘Doctor of Biological Science’ in 1992.

    He is the Director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2002 and the current President of the Hungarian Neuroscience Society. He has also served as the President of Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) from 2004-2006.

    The author of more than two hundred scientific papers and journal articles, Dr. Freund’s work has provided important contributions to our understanding of how neuronal microcircuits process and store information. Co-author of the highly influential monograph on “Interneurons of the hippocampus” (1996), his main scientific interest is the synaptic and molecular organization, functional architecture and physiology of neuronal circuits in the cerebral cortex and related structures. For more information about Dr. Freund's research, please see: http://www.koki.hu/main.php

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