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      Probabilistic integrals: mathematical aspects

      Sergio Albeverio et al. (2017), Scholarpedia, 12(5):10429.

      Integrals over spaces of paths or more generally of fields have been introduced as heuristic tools in several areas of physics and... more Icon more.png

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      Quantum gravity as a low energy effective field theory

      John F Donoghue (2017), Scholarpedia, 12(4):32997.

      An Effective Field Theory is one which uses only the active degrees of freedom available at some energy. A full quantum field theory treatment is... more Icon more.png

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      Perceived location of touch figure2.png

      Perceived location of touch

      Jack Brooks and Jared Medina (2017), Scholarpedia, 12(4):42285.

      Perceiving the location of touch on our skin is a surprisingly complex process. Signals from cutaneous receptors within the skin are... more Icon more.png

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      Multispectral optoacoustic tomography

      Vasilis Ntziachristos and Andreas Buehler (2017), Scholarpedia, 12(3):42449.

      Multi-spectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) is an imaging technology that generates high-resolution optical images in scattering media... more Icon more.png

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      Figure 1 Vibrissal mechanoreceptors.png

      Vibrissal mechanoreceptors

      Satomi Ebara et al. (2017), Scholarpedia, 12(3):32372.

      Most mammals possess rows of whiskers (i.e., vibrissae) on both sides of the face arranged in an orderly grid on the mystacial pad. The vibrissal shafts of... more Icon more.png

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