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    • Make it easy for authors to find active editors by category or encyclopedia.
    • Make Neuroscience (or experimental neuroscience) it's own encyclopedia.
    • Update Scholarpedia:Contact_us and put link below "Help" link in left navigation.
    • Enable secure login (https).
    • Remove references to "weekly" for the featured author column.
    • Improve reviewer request system.
    • Make it more difficult for edits to be discarded (for edits that take a long time, like an hour or two). There are some auto-save/draft extensions that are in beta (although is made by the Trevor Parscal).
    • Check print view of diff.
    • Add links to help for each step in the writing-article-banner.
    • Add screenshots for help pages.
    • Add a "featured article" - might be easier to update than featured author.
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