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    Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa

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    Kendall E. Atkinson (b. March 23, 1940) is Professor Emeritus at the University of Iowa.

    He received his B.S. (1961) from Iowa State University and his M.S. (1963) and Ph.D. (1966) from the University of Wisconsin.

    Atkinson is recipient of the 1995 Collegiate Teaching Award of the University of Iowa and is a member of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the American Mathematical Society, and the Australian Mathematical Society.

    His research interests include numerical solution of integral equations, boundary integral equation methods and multivariate approximation, interpolation, and quadrature.

    Scholarpedia article:

    Numerical analysis. Scholarpedia, 2(8):3163. (2007).

    (Author profile by Madalina Erascu)
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