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    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

    Curator and author

    Recognized contributor

    Ludovico Minati received the B.Sc. degree in Information Technology and Computing and the M.Sc. degree in Science from The Open University, Milton Keynes, U.K., in 2004 and 2006, respectively, the M.Sc. degree in Applied Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Westminster, London, U.K., in 2008, the B.Sc. degree in Physical Science and the M.Sc. degree in Medical Physics from The Open University in 2009, the Ph.D. degree in Neuroscience from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, U.K., in 2012, and the D.Sc. (doktor habilitowany) degree in Physics from the Institute of Nuclear Physics - Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow, Poland, in 2017.

    He has held research and consulting roles across private companies and public institutions, including the Carlo Besta Neurological Institute, Milan, Italy, and the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, U.K. He has authored over 110 articles, and 5 patents. He is currently specially appointed as an Associate Professor with the Institute of Innovative Research-Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, a Visiting Professor with the Complex Systems Theory Department, Institute of Nuclear Physics-Polish Academy of Sciences, a Guest Fellow with the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, University of Trento, Italy, and a Freelance R&D Consultant.

    His research interests include non-linear dynamical systems, chaotic oscillators, reconfigurable analog, and digital computing, functional magnetic resonance imaging, advanced techniques for bio-signal analysis, brain machine/computer interfaces, and robotics.

    He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, also a Chartered Engineer and a member with the Institution of Engineering and Technology, U.K, a Chartered Physicist and a member with the Institute of Physics, London, U.K., and a Chartered Scientist and a member with the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, York, U.K. He is furthermore a member with the Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers (IEICE), and the Japan Neuroscience Society.

    Personal web site: http://www.lminati.it

    Publications on Mendeley: https://www.mendeley.com/profiles/ludovico-minati/publications

    Publications on Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.co.jp/citations?user=Bldn1OgAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao

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